Sunday, July 25, 2010

About Networking Management.

What is Networking Management?

Networking Management is completely a technical subject. It has got very close relations with "Connectivity" which is in great demand in the Tech World. Those who have great talents can shine very much in Networking Management. A person with practical knowledge in Networking Management can be a great success with few technicians working for him in this field.

What is Networking Administration?

Networking Administration is concerned with Administration of Networks like L.A.N. or Local Area Network, W.A.N. or Wide Area Network, V.P.N. or Virtual Private Network. It is common nowadays that the Networks are being administered by Administrators from a remote place. The Networking Administration is child's play for those who know the technicalities involved in Windows NT, Novell, Unix, Linux etc.

What do Network Administrator do?

The Network Technician / Service Technician are involved in troubleshooting Hardware / Software problems and Support systems for Hardware / Software.

There are also Network Programmer, Network Analyst, Network Manager, Network Security who manages the Network Administration.

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