Friday, July 30, 2010 - a Website for Windows 7. - an innovative concept in community websites.

The revenue sharing program makes different from other Microsoft Windows related websites. The revenue from this community oriented website is shared among the contributors in various forms. is a new addition to the technology websites, offering a wide range of content on Microsoft Windows and technology related topics. This is a community website, very dynamic in nature with a lot of new features evolving based on member feedback. Run by the members of the site where the content is contributed by the members and a significant portion of the revenue is shared with the core members.

Revenue Sharing with the core members
The revenue sharing program of this Website is a unique one. At present this Website is in Beta version and is shaping in to one of the best technology websites with revenue sharing program. This Website shares 100% of its revenue generated during the first year with a core group of 10 members who are supporting the Website well along with sharing Cash Credits, Adsense Revenue and various awards / prizes. Learn more...

Google AdSense Revenue Sharing for all members uses Google AdSense API revenue sharing program in an arrangement with Google to share the Ad revenue with members. According to this partnership program with Google, 90% of the AdSense revenue generated from the user content pages are paid by Google directly to the AdSense account of the member. The site uses AdSense APIs to create and manage AdSense accounts on behalf of members. Learn more...

Cash Rewards for content contributors
Content posted by members are evaluated by editors and are rewarded according to the quality. Each qualified resource is awarded some cash credits which is equivalent to real cash. When the cash credits reach a minimum payout level, the money is transfered to the member's bank account, after raising an invoice.

Contests, Awards and Prizes has already announced several contests and cool prizes. The prizes include high definition video camera, digital cam coders, electronic gadgets and award certificates. Every month new contests are announced. Learn more about the contests, reward programs and prizes in

Who is Who at MyWindowsClub is the brain child of Tony John, a Microsoft MVP and founder of several popular websites including,, and The Webmaster and owner of this Website Mr.Tony has expressed good optimism about the future prospects of this Website among leading specialized Websites of India and has informed that he wanted to make an impression in the global arena with this Website.

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