Saturday, November 27, 2010

Searching for a job, beware of your email address.

Today's environment has got tough and stiff competition for job openings or avenues. The Curriculum Vitae or C.V. / Resume plays a major role in the job hunt. Those who are called for Interview should carefully prepare their Resume. There should not be any silly mistakes in the resume. While preparing the Resume, it is imperative and essential to mention your email identity there. But most of the candidates are careless or indifferent when it comes to their email identity. Some of them have email identities like '' or '' etc. These email identities are also being in their Resume also. But such types of email identities may give a wrong impression about you with the selectors in the Interview. Therefore, it is better to have some decent and good email identity for the purpose of job hunt. Also, you should see that this email identity is in use and active one.

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