Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to prepare for Mental Ability?

Today’s youth preparing for the competitive examinations belong to many groups viz., those who have joined in a coaching center for preparation, those who prepare for themselves and those who prepare in groups. Those who prepare for the competitive examination through groups have the advantage of discussing their doubts with others and get clarified. To certain extent, those who prepare for the competitive examination through coaching centers also have the advantage of getting proper clarification.

This method is mostly useful in subjects like Science and Mathematics. This method may also be useful in subjects like History and Geography. But the basics of Science and Mathematics have to be strong while preparing for the competitive examinations.

Every competitive examination almost contains Mental Ability Examination as part of it. This type of examination is usually called as ‘Reasoning’. This type of examination is a true challenge for our mental ability. Every person who is going to appear for competitive examinations should get acquainted himself with mental ability questions from Series, Analogy, Classification, Relative, Re-ordering etc.

Generally to answer the mental ability questions one needs to have General Awareness or General Knowledge and Mathematics. For questions like ‘odd one out’, a candidate needs to know at least little about all the multiple choices given as answers to such questions. A candidate can expect questions in mental ability from Places, Rivers, Oceans, Seas and Mountain Ranges etc.

Questions from coding and decoding are also expected from this section. Questions from series based on English alphabets are a common one in this section. For the preparation of such types of questions, a candidate should go through English Monthly Magazines like ‘Competition Master’, ‘G.K. Today’, ‘Competition Success Review’ and ‘Banking Services Chronicle’ etc., where he can find more mental ability questions.

Though we have less number of questions from Mental Ability and Mathematics, we should realize that each and every mark in competitive examination is important for our selection. Therefore, a candidate should prepare for the mental ability section by going through each and every curriculum involved with it. They should also try to score more marks in this section that will boost their prospects.

Those who undergo coaching programs for the competitive examination get the details like how many questions were asked from which section mental ability etc. from their coaching institutions. They also conduct preparation programs for competitive examinations from the basics for the subjects like Science, History, Geography, Mathematics and Mental Ability. This sets the candidate with a good pace to reach the target in the examination.

Those who prepare for the competitive examinations should be target oriented for each and every separate examinations. For Central Government Employment opportunities, a candidate should apply for the examinations conducted by U.P.S.C. or Union Public Service Commission and S.S.C. or Staff Selection Commission. For the State Government Employment opportunities a candidate should apply for the examinations conducted by the respective P.S.C. or Public Service Commission. For example, in Tamilnadu, a candidate should apply for the examinations conducted by the T.N.P.S.C. or Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.

The examination conducted for Central Government Employment opportunities may have the requirement of more English or Hindi usage. Therefore, do not limit yourself with any one examination instead prepare for other competitive examinations too and become successful in your mission.

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